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Music Saves.

Ain't talkin' about no Caerphilly fool!
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I'm me.
It's true.
Shut the fuck up.
acoustic guitars, adam and joe, aeroplane food, affleck's palace, alan partridge, banter, beck, beer, being a manc, belle & sebastian, bill hicks, biz cas fri, black keys, blood brothers, blur, bottom, boxing it off, brass eye, brews and biscuits, bunjee jumping, burnt face man, candles, chatting biscuits, cheese, chess, controversy, cooking, crisp connoisseuring, david fincher, deftones, dennis pennis, disco biscuits, dj shadow, documentaries, emulation, euphemization, excretioncranium, faith no more, family guy, farting, father ted, female bassists, festivals, foamy, freedom, freshly washed bedsheets, george orwell, gigs, google earth, have-i-got-news-for-you, hot showers, house parties, huge posters, hunter s. thompson, iggy and the stooges, interpol, jack daniels, jack kerouac, jam, jeff buckley, jimi hendrix, karl pilkington, laughing, lava lamps, led zeppelin, liars, looking-through-other-peoples-cd-collections, making mix cds, man utd, manchester, massive attack, miniature golf, monkey dust, muse, my ipod, not watching television, not-having-a-full-time-job, oasis, oo-er!, originality, paper scissors stone, parachuting, pavement, peep show, people watching, picking my scabs, pitchfork media, pixies, pizza, poker, political graffiti, ponchos, pop-up video, poynton slang, pro abortion/euthanasia/animal-testing, procrastinating, qotsa, quirkyness, radiohead, random missions, rollercoasters, rolling stones, rubbernecking, rube goldberg machines, sarcasm, satire, sheriff john burnell, shits and giggles, skittles, smashing pumpkins, snowball fights, somethingawful.com, sonic youth, south park, southern comfort, spaced, sufjan stevens, talking like a pirate, that's-what-your-mum-said, the beta band, the day today, the decemberists, the doors, the lemonheads, the libertines, the power of randomness, the smiths, the stone roses, the young ones, trampolines, travelling, tv on the radio, wit